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Eden Keshia promotes the notion of an extra-ordinary wardrobe, which is filled only with the most significant, lasting garments.  Always adorned with hand-rendered intricacies, designs feature hand-painted details, bespoke embroidery and tactile embellishments, intended to appeal to all senses.

 A fixation with colour and bold embellishment create designs which feature a variety of stimulating fabrics and textures. Embellishments accentuate the story behind each piece, reflecting the designer's interest in exquisite detail. 

Eden Keshia is an environmentally conscious label, and uses sustainable materials and techniques to create bold and beautiful pieces which become a permanent feature of your wardrobe.  All pieces are handmade to order in the UK - the assiduous design process generates high-quality wearable garments and accessories to be treasured. 

Photography by Michael Savage.