Eden Keshia is a designer with a keen interest in textured surface pattern and adornment. After graduating from Leeds Arts University with a First-Class Degree in Fashion Design & Realisation, Eden launched her own eponymous label which continues to prosper. 

Eden has always been interested in creative principles, and incorporates as much painting, drawing and other hand-rendered techniques into her work as possible. This fascination with painterly artistic disciplines inspired her Graduate Collection 'Tactile Translations' which features Eden's childhood paintings and indecipherable scribbles in the form of vibrant prints, painted motifs and embroideries. Eden believes it is extremely important to combine traditional hand-rendered techniques with modern technologies and further explore the possibilities through design. 

With experience at labels such as Tom Ford and Hermione de paula, Eden found her niche in illustration and surface detail through a combination of internships an freelance work. Eden continues to work as an independent artist for various labels designing fabrics, prints, and bespoke embroidery alongside her own label. 

A theatrical background strongly influences the creation of dramatic, editorial style pieces which are designed and created at a luxury level. Sequins and tassels add movement and a sense of exoticism, transforming designs into elaborate pieces which captivate. 

Although elaborate, Eden is aware of the envrionmental and ethical issues related to the fashion Industry. Vibrant pieces are often constructed with a minimal waste outlook, and sustainable materials and methods are becoming more and more prominent in the designer's work.